Run-away Hounds

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Run-away Hounds

Postby victorgrant » Wed Sep 13, 2017 5:58 am

I need some serious help. I have two Redbone Coonhounds and one of them, my male Porter thinks its great to slip his colar and run away from you and stay away for as long as possible. I know I need to get a harness so I don't need that suggestion. I need to know how to solve the problem of him running away. I wouldn't have a problem with him off leash if I knew he wouldn't make me go on a 3 hr. chase and would come willingly when called. Porter seems to completely forget his nameand when caught he doesn't acknowledge that I'm even his owner, nor does he acknowledge his sister Nadia. He's the most cuddly loving boy in the world when he's here at home but I've found myself calling him more names than telling him he's the most wonderful dog in the world, while he's at large. His sister gets pretty angry with him as well when he runs away as she is quite controling of him. Perhaps thats why he tries to run away!? Ha!
Anyway, someone please help me train my hound. It is so scarey to think that we could actually lose him in the wild yonder on one of his hunts after he's escaped. You sure do go thru' a wide range of emotions when your dog is running at large and you have no control over him.

Thank You!!!!

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