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Stuck moving forwards or backwards

Postby victorgrant » Tue Aug 22, 2017 5:32 am


So I was playing my lowbie Gnome Spriest on Alterac Mountains. I was in a group for Gnomer, towards the end everything went all wonky. After a fight my character kept running forward and off to the left a lil bit without me pressing any buttons. Pressing the autorun key didn't stop it. if i tried walking backwards he would just stop. I tried /reload and that didn't fix the problem. I just dealt with it and did my best to dps with the problem. it eventually kinda fixed itself for about 10 seconds.

Then in another fight I was stuck walking backwards =/. When I pressed forward I would stop and could cast spells (as long as forward stayed pressed) but to actually move forward I had to hold both mouse buttons down. But if i did nothing I just kept walking backwards.

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