Can't get WoW to display 3:2 resolutions on Surface Book.

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Can't get WoW to display 3:2 resolutions on Surface Book.

Postby victorgrant » Fri Aug 18, 2017 8:10 am


I just resubbed to WoW after an extremely long hiatus. I'm now using a Surface Book with a dedicated GPU and I'm finding that the resultion options WoW offers are limited due to the Surface Book's 3:2 aspect ratio (3000x2000 resolution).

WoW's resolution options inlcude 3000x2000 but running the game at this high a res leaves me with sub 25 fps when not even running a dungion. With this in mind I was looking for a lower resolution to run the game at but none of the other default lower resolutions match the Surface Book's 3:2 aspect ratio. WoW also does not seem to letterbox resolutions which don't match my comps aspect ratio so trying to use an alternate aspect ratio is out of the question because it leaves me with an awkwardly stretched image.

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