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"I really like the site you have put together. It really lookss nice and will be very helpful once more pedigrees are added. I will be adding all of my pedigrees to it as soon as I'm able. I have been waiting for a site like this one for a long time. Good job on the design also, looks really nice. Hope everyone with a coon dog uses this site "
                   Paul Mason



A few words about us...

Founded in 2010 coondogpedigrees.com is the result of a couple coon hunters from Illinois that where tired of seeing those sloppy hard to read pedigrees posted all over forums and the internet. We thought there had to be some way to simplify pedigrees and how they are displayed. After a bit of planning and programming we come up with this amazing web-site. Sign up today to become a member and have access to thousands of online pedigrees. No more typing out those long drawn out pedigrees. Simply copy and paste the link to our site to show everyone how your dog was bred.,