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Chat Room Rules

CDP supports the principles of free speech. However we also recognize the importance for people to respect the rights of others. Our goal is to create a quick and easy chat for members to come to for a conversation. Which also means a place where we don't tolerate behavior that is harmful to others – especially minors. Our rules are pretty basic and are designed to support the creation of an inviting environment to meet new people and participate in vibrant discussions. So, please read this agreement.

You are entirely responsible and liable for all activities conducted when you use Stickam to communicate with other Members and Users of CDP Chat. Here is a list of rules which if violated, may result in a Member or User being kicked out of a chat room or permanently banned from using CDP Chat.

Please be advised that we report certain types of activities to the authorities and cooperate with law enforcement conducting criminal investigations. For more information about what is reported to the authorities, click here.

  1. Absolutely no sexually explicit language
    Please keep in mind that there are minors on this website. Anyone violating this rule will be banned from the site immediately. If you are looking for a cyber partner, try finding a sex chat room elsewhere on the Internet, this is not the place!

  2. No harassing other users
    Harassing other users in any way or form including harassment of users based on race, religion or sexuality is strictly prohibited. We try to keep an amicable and congenial environment here. Please treat other members with respect.

  3. No flooding or spamming
    Interrupting the flow of the chat sessions with the use of large fonts, repetitive typing, chat clearing, the advertising of other websites or any other activity that makes it difficult for chatters to maintain a conversation is strictly prohibited.

  4. No posting of private contact information
    We ask that you do not give out personal information, e-mail address, phone numbers and home addresses. If you do so, you do this at your own risk and release CDP from any and all responsibility.

  5. No impersonating other members
    Changing your chat name or creating an account to impersonate other members is considered a form of harassment and is prohibited

Welcome to our chatroom!

  • Thank you for using our chatroom. This chatroom is here for your convenience. Please use it responsibly and be courteous to all users. Do not abuse this chat room or it will be removed.