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Step 1. Start here when entering a new dog into the database.

Every dog in the database knows who its parents are by saving their parents' ID numbers in its record. For this reason, the parents must be entered first into the database. If the parents are not in the database then the offspring does not know who their parents are and the dog will be displayed as a dog with unknown breeding. If you know the parents are already in the database, either because you entered them yourself or because somebody else did, use the search forms below to find and select the parents. Otherwise, just select "Unknown sire" and "Unknown dam" to enter it as a dog with unknown breeding and click the continue button.
Note: The search forms below are just like the "Search pedigree:" form above. So to find the sire of your dog, type the dogs name in the "Search sire:" form just as you would type in the "Search pedigree" form above. The same applies for the dam.

Having trouble understanding how the database and website works. Please read intructions and watch the tutorial videos on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Start adding a new dog here. Follow directions above.
Must search for new dogs sire & dam first.
If sire or dam is unknown select "unknown".

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